By Evan, on Apr 28, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GramGram?

A GramGram is a photo from your Instagram feed printed on a 6" x 4" postcard and likely sent to your grandparents or other relatives.

What does a GramGram look like?

Your GramGram is a postcard that has a photo finish. The dimensions of the postcard are currently 6" x 4". Your message is printed on the back of the postcard along with the address. Below are some examples of what the postcard looks like.

How long does a GramGram take to deliver?

GramGrams are sent through USPS first-class mail. Most arrive within a week or so. To check on the progress of your postcard, you can visit the sent postcards section in your profile.

What is the price of a GramGram?

The price to send a GramGram is $2.95. This price includes postage, printing, and your grandma's smile.

Where can I send a GramGram?

GramGrams can currently be sent anywhere in the United States. Don't live in the US? Drop me a line to my email (evan AT and I'll add your country to our list.

What if I don't have an Instagram account?

Currently, you can only use GramGram with an Instagram account. This is currently by design as I feel like Instagram does an amazing job of editing photos. GramGram just helps with the delivery.

Have any more questions? Feel free to send me an email at evan AT I love any feedback, suggestions, or good vibes.

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